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Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and the Family
About the Show
A Word from the Producer
Producer/Director Peggy Case and Co-Producer Josh Golding performed extensive research on eating disorders and decided to explore the role of the family in the evolution, treatment and recovery of eating disorders. In an effort to gain insight into the complex situation faced by many families, Peggy attended a parents' support group in Seattle every Monday night for almost a year.

Peggy says, "When we began the project, I remember someone asking: 'Oh, a documentary on eating disorders ... are you going to tell the truth about eating disorders?' I remember thinking, well, why wouldn't we? That was before we learned about much of the secrecy and misinformation on the subject. So in the end, we have tried to do just that: tell the truth about eating disorders. I hope you will respect our attempt to create a complete picture of the illness, which is often portrayed simply as a person's attempt to mirror the stereotypical image of beauty. Eating disorders mirror far more than that. They manifest in one individual, yet the illness seems to be reflecting high tension, suppression of the self, complex issues surrounding intimacy and acceptance and other mental and emotional challenges that involve and affect an entire family. The illness often becomes a communication, an urgent communication, that something in the family dynamic needs attention."

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