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A Healthy Baby Girl

PBS Premiere: June 17, 1997


Filmmaker Judith Helfand turns the camera on herself to document her battle with cancer caused by DES, a drug prescribed to her mother during pregnancy. Refusing to confine the tears, rage, laughter and hope to dinner table conversations, Helfand invites us to witness her personal journey from radical hysterectomy patient to vocal opponent of toxic exposure. From her suburban home to the halls of Congress, the intensely private becomes widely public, and an American family is transformed and strengthened.

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TAGS: cancer, chemical industry, des, diethylstilbestrol, health, lawsuit, legal, medicine, toxins, women

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Film Information

A Healthy Baby Girl

Premiere Date: June 17, 1997

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Filmmaker: Judith Helfand Bio

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Judith Helfand
Judith Helfand

Critical Acclaim

A devastatingly sad, funny and all-embracing work.”


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