POV believes in the power of film to engage communities in dialogue around the most important social issues of our time


  • Forging meaningful connections between the people, public media, classrooms, and community spaces committed to inclusion and belonging
  • Listening to what’s important to underrepresented groups, filmmakers, and protagonists
  • Elevating the reach of documentary and non-fiction works on-air, online, and in communities

Film Resources

POV's free resources are created with community, classrooms, and curiosity in mind. Developed by educators, community leaders, and librarians, these resources offer suggested activities, texts, facilitation tips, and discussion questions to help take action towards positive change.

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Community Network

Join POV's Community Network of over 13,000 community organizations, librarians, teachers, PBS stations and engaged individuals who use our films to host screenings that spark conversation and inspire action. Choose from 60+ short and feature-length titles that address different topics and issues.
You continue to make important documentaries available to communities that need this education and engagement. Even with such a small audience, the quality is SO high, and the conversations are valuable. We value this opportunity a lot.
Bud Werner Memorial Library
Partner since 2011
We love partnering with AMDOC / POV Community Events because you offer amazing award-winning films. Our Latinx community is hungry for films that reflect the beauty and complexity of their lives and identities in authentic and powerful ways. We are looking forward to continuing this partnership!
Watsonville Film Festival
Partner since 2022
I feel empowered to continue sharing the different messages from these films and challenge the audience to stretch beyond their comfort zone.
House of Djeli
Partner since 2019


POV is lucky to work alongside passionate educators, activists, organizers, and community leaders. These individuals and organizations share their wisdom and experience to create free Discussion Guides (and Healing Guides) that provide frameworks for community dialogues in communities across the nation.

Freda Lin
Discussion Guide Writer

Freda Lin is the co-director of YURI Education Project, a business that develops curriculum and professional learning with a focus on Asian American and Pacific Islander stories.

Maureen Nicol
Discussion Guide Writer

Maureen Nicol, PhD received her Doctorate from Columbia University in Early Childhood Education. She is the Founder and Director of Camp Story - a pop-up arts camp based on the continent of Africa.

Will Tolliver
Education Assistant

Will Tolliver Jr. is a Pittsburgh-based leader, innovator, and change-maker recognized throughout the education community as an early learning expert.