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A Perfect Candidate

PBS Premiere: August 5, 1997


Disproving the adage that there are no second acts in American life, Iran/Contra legend Oliver North re-emerged to challenge incumbent Charles Robb in a hotly contested 1994 Virginia senatorial race. R.J. Cutler and David Van Taylor weave a modern-day parable about leadership in America and campaign culture in a cynical age. The result is a clear-eyed examination of the electoral process, where issues take a back seat to the machinations of spin doctors, and voter interests are lost in a media hall of mirrors.

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TAGS: army, campaign, election, government, iran-contra, oliver north, politics, scandal, senate, virginia

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Film Information

A Perfect Candidate

Premiere Date: August 5, 1997

Streaming Dates: Expired

Filmmaker: R.J. Cutler and David Van Taylor Bio


R.J. Cutler and David Van Taylor
R.J. Cutler and David Van Taylor

Critical Acclaim

The best American documentary since Hoop Dreams and one of a small handful of essential films about the politics in this country.”

The Washington Post

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