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A Season in Hell

PBS Premiere: July 20, 1992


A haunting portrait of a young woman who begins to starve herself in search of the "perfect" body. The film follows four years in the life of Regina Hatfield as she struggles with bulimia. "Walter Brock's fine and haunting portrait of a young bulimic woman named Regina Hatfield is about food and security and love... It's a relentless descent into familial turmoil and private torment, drawing us into Regina's suffocating often surreal world through conversation, testimony and confession." —Linda Dubler, Independent Spirit (South Carolina)


TAGS: anorexia, bulimia, eating disorders, family, food, girls, health, youth

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Film Information

A Season in Hell

Premiere Date: July 20, 1992

Filmmakers: Walter Brock, Stephen Roszell


Walter Brock
Walter Brock
Stephen Roszell
Stephen Roszell

Critical Acclaim

Terrifying and illuminating.”

—Ellen Cohn,
Village Voice

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