POV Viewers Get Last Word on ‘Last Train Home’ and the Impact of Rapid Economic Development in China

Each Friday, we share a selection of comments relating to the week’s documentary broadcast. This week, viewers watched Last Train Home, a heart-stopping journey with the Zhangs, a couple who left infant children behind for factory jobs 16 years ago, hoping their wages would lift their children to a better life.

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This is My Family – Announcing the Judges

We are excited to announce our This is My Family jury members — journalists, filmmakers, songwriters and adoption experts including CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, Dr. Jane Aronson, Zara Phillips and Phil Bertelsen to name just a few. Check out the full list here: This Is My Family: The Jury. This is your chance to dig into

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This is My Family – Defining Family

We were excited this week to see the launch of This is My Family pull in our first video submissions. The range of style was as eclectic as the perspectives and individuals posting the videos. Already we have children of LGBTQ parents, extended-family-families, foster families, adoptive parents, adoptees — singing songs, recording from their computer’s

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