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PBS Premiere: July 2, 2002


Blink Stars and Grim Reapers. Thunderkings and Predators. Do you know your fireworks? Just in time for July 4 comes Boomtown, a lively visit to the Suquamish Nation near Seattle, where selling fireworks has become a tradition for some Suquamish tribal members. For 30 years, this part of Indian country has sold fireworks that are officially banned off the reservation, attracting non-Indian buyers from near and far. And then on July 4th, the Suquamish tribe plays host to one of the most enjoyable and unpredictable fireworks shows around. In a place where federal, state and local policies routinely collide with Native sovereignty, Boomtown focuses on this animated enterprise, offering a special glimpse into contemporary Indian life, where Native tradition meets today's economic realities with uniquely successful results. A Native American Telecommunications (NAPT) co-presentation.

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TAGS: fireworks, fourth of july, indian, native, native american, seattle, suquamish tribe, washington, washington state

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Premiere Date: July 2, 2002

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Bryan Gunnar Cole
Bryan Gunnar Cole

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