The Caretaker

Digital Premiere: May 12, 2014
PBS Premiere: June 29, 2015Check local listings »


The Caretaker is a portrait of two women who are outsiders in the place they call home. Haru is a 95-year-old Japanese-American migrant who was interned during World War II. Joesy is an undocumented worker from Fiji who cares for her. The Caretaker is the first film of Immigrant Nation, a new interactive project that uses personal narratives to explore our connections to migration, past and present, through storytelling. Whether you arrived in the U.S. just recently or your family came here many generations ago, every American’s life has been shaped by an immigrant experience, no two of which are the same. As a result, we all have unique stories that deserve — and need — to be told.

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The Caretaker
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