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The Chances of the World Changing

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PBS Premiere: July 17, 2007


A decade ago, after an epiphany at a New York restaurant, Richard Ogust began dedicating his time and resources to rescuing endangered turtles — confiscating hundreds bound for Southeast Asian food markets. When the filmmakers catch up with the 50-year-old writer, he is sharing his Manhattan loft with 1,200 turtles, including five species extinct in the wild. But his growing "ark" and preservation efforts are threatening to exhaust him, both mentally and financially. With luminous images and a haunting musical score, the award-winning The Chances of the World Changing documents two years in the life of a man who finds himself struggling to save hundreds of lives, including his own.

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TAGS: conservation, environment, environmental, sanctuary, turtles

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Film Information

The Chances of the World Changing

Premiere Date: July 17, 2007

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Filmmakers: Eric Daniel Metzgar, Nell Carden Grey Bio | Interview | Statement

Press: Critical Acclaim | Fact Sheet | Press Release | Press Release


Eric Daniel Metzgar
Eric Daniel Metzgar
Nell Carden Grey
Nell Carden Grey

Film Update

Critical Acclaim

[An] eccentric and fascinating tale... Ultimately, in this film about an all-consuming obsession, we're gently reminded that change is possible if only someone tries.”

— Florangela Davila, Seattle Times

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