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City of Cranes

PBS Premiere: December 10, 2008


Cranes dominate our skylines, yet few people ever notice them, nor do they notice the men and women who operate them. Spending most of their time alone up in the crane, crane drivers seem to merge with their machines, becoming invisible to passers-by. City of Cranes takes the viewer hundreds of feet above the ground to hear the insights of crane drivers, and see a glimpse of the poetic, mesmerizing world of cranes. (14 minutes)


TAGS: cities, labor, urban

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Film Information

City of Cranes (14 min.)

Premiere Date: December 10, 2008

Streaming Dates: Expired

Photos: Download Here

Filmmaker: Eva Weber Bio | Interview | Statement

Press: Filmmaker Statement | Fact Sheet | Press Release


Eva Weber
Eva Weber

What I didn't realize was that making this film might actually take longer than it would for the crane drivers to put up a 50-story building.”

— Eva Weber, Filmmaker


Critical Acclaim

One of the most absorbing documentaries of the year... once seen, won't be forgotten”

The Observer

Utterly crafted... wholly transports you to a different physical and psychological space”

— Fourdocs

A beautiful, revealing and multi-layered film...”

— dfgdocs

Sublime visual/audio poetry”


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