Documentaries with a point of view

1995 POV Season

Leona's Sister Gerri
by Jane Gillooly
PBS Premiere Date: Jun. 1, 1995
A provocative film about abortion.
Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter
by Deborah Hoffmann
PBS Premiere Date: Jun. 6, 1995
Deborah Hoffmann's poignant, sometimes funny account of coping with her mother's Alzheimer's disease. Nominated for a 1994 Academy Award.
No Place Like Home
by Kathryn Hunt
PBS Premiere Date: Jun. 13, 1995
The story of 10-year-old Barbara Wilson's search, through cheap motels and homeless shelters, for permanence and security.
by Ellen Bruno
PBS Premiere Date: Jun. 14, 1995
The personal testimonies of the courageous Buddhist nuns who have led the nonviolent resistance against the Chinese occupation of Tibet.
Out of Sight
by David Sutherland
PBS Premiere Date: Jun. 20, 1995
The unpredictable trials of blind horse-woman Diane Starin who wonders "if America is ready for a blind girl who isn't a goody two-shoes."
The Uprising of '34
by George Stoney and Judith Helfand and Susanne Rostock
PBS Premiere Date: Jun. 25, 1995
Textile workers recall with pride the long- suppressed story of the General Textile Strike of 1934 when 500,000 Southern mill laborers walked off their jobs.
Lighting the 7th Fire
by Sandra Sunrising Osawa
PBS Premiere Date: Jul. 4, 1995
The story of how the Chippewa Indians of Northern Wisconsin have struggled to restore the centuries- old tradition of spearfishing, and the heated opposition they have encountered.
Twitch and Shout
by Laurel Chiten
PBS Premiere Date: Jul. 11, 1995
An irreverent and humorous portrayal of people with the often misunderstood neurological disorder, Tourette Syndrome.
Home Economics
by Jenny Cool
PBS Premiere Date: Jul. 18, 1995
Jenny Cool interviewed women in a suburban housing development outside Los Angeles, discovering a fragile lifestyle dominated by social pressures and the daily commuter grind.
Dealers Among Dealers
by Gaylen Ross
PBS Premiere Date: Jul. 25, 1995
Filmmaker Gaylen Ross takes us inside the virtually impenetrable world of diamond and precious stone trading.
Carmen Miranda
by Helena Solberg
PBS Premiere Date: Oct. 6, 1995
A bowl of soup and the freedom to sing is all Carmen Miranda wanted in life. Helena Solberg's song-filled movie reveals how Hollywood transformed a talented entertainer into a Latin Lollapalooza.