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2007 POV Season


by Andy Blubaugh

Premiere Date: December 12, 2007

Scaredycat takes as a point of departure the beating of the filmmaker at the hands of a gang of young men who called themselves "The Portland Riders." (15 minutes)

Wrestling With Angels

by Freida Lee Mock

Premiere Date: December 12, 2007

Tony Kushner, whose epochal Angels in Americawon a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award, begins a revival run in New York this week, is one of the country's leading playwrights — and one of its fiercest moral critics.

49 Up

by Michael Apted

Premiere Date: October 9, 2007

In one of documentary cinema's more remarkable enterprises, 49 Up is the seventh in a series of films that has profiled a group of English children every seven years, beginning in 1964. (120 minutes)


by Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt and Nelson Walker III and Co-directed by Louis Abelman and Lynn True

Premiere Date: September 18, 2007

Lumo Sinai was raped by marauding soldiers in the Congo, which resulted in a fistula, a medical condition that renders her incontinent and threatens her ability to bear children. (60 minutes)

The Camden 28

by Anthony Giacchino

Premiere Date: September 11, 2007

How far would you go to stop a war? The Camden 28 recalls a 1971 raid on a draft board office by activists protesting the Vietnam War and its effects on urban America.

Bullet Proof Vest

by May Lin Au Yong

Premiere Date: September 4, 2007

Nine-year old Jyeshria wants a bullet proof vest — and she's dead serious. In Richmond, California, children don't walk to school; not if they want to live past the age of 18. (5 minutes)

Keeping House

by May Lin Au Yong

Premiere Date: September 4, 2007

A reflection on a mother's resolute love as she confronts the fragile promise of life through the eyes of her son. (7 minutes)

Made in L.A.

by Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar

Premiere Date: September 4, 2007

Encore Broadcast: August 11, 2009

Follow the remarkable journey of three Latina immigrants working in L.A.'s garment factories and their long battle to bring a major clothing retailer to the negotiating table. (90 minutes)

Libby, Montana

by Doug Hawes-Davis and Drury Gunn Carr

Premiere Date: August 28, 2007

In the small town of Libby, many hundreds are sick or have already died from exposure to asbestos, a notorious industrial toxin that many Americans consider long banned or under control. (60 minutes)

Arctic Son

by Andrew Walton

Premiere Date: August 21, 2007

A clash of tradition and modernity puts a Native father and son at odds in the remote village of Old Crow, 80 miles above the Arctic Circle. (90 minutes)

Alice Sees the Light

by Ariana Gerstein

Premiere Date: August 21, 2007

In the dark outside of our cities, there are lights that we have forgotten how to see. Alice laments the loss of her view of the universe, one of her reasons for living in the country. (6 minutes)

Following Sean

by Ralph Arlyck

Premiere Date: July 31, 2007

Ralph Arlyck goes back to San Francisco to find out what happened to the precocious four-year-old he'd met during the height of the '60s. (90 minutes)

No Angels in the Outfield

by Larry Warner

Premiere Date: July 24, 2007

This is a baseball team where you can say it's three strikes and you're in. The San Quentin Prison baseball team is the subject of this documentary, which goes inside the walls of the maximum-security prison to show the team, called the Giants, playing ball. (10 minutes)

Prison Town, USA

by Katie Galloway and Po Kutchins

Premiere Date: July 24, 2007

In the 1990s, at the height of the prison-building boom, a prison opened in rural America every 15 days. Prison Town, USA tells the story of Susanville, California, one small town that tries to resuscitate its economy by building a prison — with unanticipated consequences.

The Chances of the World Changing

by Eric Daniel Metzgar and Nell Carden Grey

Premiere Date: July 17, 2007

An extraordinary chronicle of two years in the life of Richard Ogust, whose life turns into strange territory as he shares his Manhattan loft with 1,200 turtles he is trying to save.

Revolution '67

by Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno

Premiere Date: July 10, 2007

Revolution '67 is an illuminating account of events too often relegated to footnotes in U.S. history — the black urban rebellions of the 1960s.

Standing Silent Nation

by Suree Towfighnia and Courtney Hermann

Premiere Date: July 3, 2007

In April 2000, Alex White Plume and his Lakota family planted industrial hemp on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota after other crops had failed. But when federal agents raided the White Plumes' fields, the Lakota Nation was swept into a Byzantine struggle over tribal sovereignty, economic rights and common sense.

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars

by Banker White and Zach Niles

Premiere Date: June 27, 2007

Traumatized by physical injuries and brutal losses in Sierra Leone's civil war, a group of refugees fight back with the only means they have — music.

Massacre at Murambi

by Sam Kauffman

Premiere Date: June 26, 2007

During the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, a newly built secondary school on a hill named Murambi was the site of one of the world’s most horrifying mass murders. (5 minutes)

Rain in a Dry Land

by Anne Makepeace

Premiere Date: June 19, 2007

Two Somali Bantu families are transported by relief agencies from years of civil war and refugee life to settle in Springfield, Massachusetts and Atlanta, Georgia.


by Monteith McCollum

Premiere Date: July 11, 2006

"Your lawn is a reflection of your character," a woman says in a phone conversation at the beginning of the film. Lawn explores our relationship with nature and our desire to control it. (9 minutes)

The Hobart Shakespeareans

by Mel Stuart

Premiere Date: September 6, 2005

Encore Broadcasts: August 15, 2006; August 7, 2007

The Hobart Shakespeareans discovers how one teacher's uncommon commitment and resourcefulness have opened up worlds of opportunity for his "disadvantaged" students — and perhaps have demonstrated a way forward for America's beleaguered public education system. (60 minutes)

A Family Undertaking

by Elizabeth Westrate

Premiere Date: August 3, 2004

Encore Broadcast: August 14, 2007

Prior to the 20th century, most Americans prepared their dead for burial with the help of family and friends, but today most funerals are part of a multimillion-dollar industry. (60 minutes)