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Discovering Dominga

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PBS Premiere: July 8, 2003


When 27-year-old Iowa housewife Denese Becker decides to return to the Guatemalan village where she was born, she begins a journey towards finding her roots, but one filled with harrowing revelations. Denese, born Dominga, was nine when she became her family's sole survivor of a massacre of Maya peasants. Two years later, she was adopted by an American family. In Discovering Dominga, Denese's journey home is both a voyage of self-discovery and a political awakening, bearing searing testimony to a hemispheric tragedy and a shameful political crime. Produced in Association with KQED. An Independent Television Service (ITVS) and Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB) co-presentation. An Active Voice Selection.

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TAGS: genocide, guatemala, human rights

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Film Information

Discovering Dominga (54 min.)

Premiere Date: July 8, 2003

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Filmmakers: Patricia Flynn, Mary Jo McConahay Bio | Interview | Statement


Patricia Flynn
Patricia Flynn
Mary Jo McConahay
Mary Jo McConahay

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