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PBS Premiere: August 27, 2002


Hannah Weyer’s Escuela, a moving follow-up to P.O.V.'s La Boda (The Wedding), continues the saga of the Luis family as Liliana and Elizabeth, two of the Luis family daughters, try to make their way in 21st century America. For Liliana who begins her freshman year in high school, this means dealing with the harsh demands of work in the fields, constant travel and endlessly changing schools, classes and friends as she migrates with her farm-worker family between California, Texas and Mexico. For Elizabeth, a limited education and the struggle to secure citizenship for her husband combine to create an uncertain economic outlook. In this compassionate portrait, Escuela continues the story of one Mexican-American family's drive towards a better future.

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TAGS: children, farm, migrant work, mothers, parenting, parents, teens, texas, youth

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Film Information

Escuela (53 min.)

Premiere Date: August 27, 2002

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Filmmaker: Hannah Weyer Bio | Interview | Statement


Hannah Weyer
Hannah Weyer

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