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Finding Christa

PBS Premiere: June 29, 1992


In 1961, Camille Billops made a painful decision: to put her four-year-old daughter, Christa, up for adoption. In Finding Christa, Billops is both filmmaker and subject as she tells the story of their separation and ultimate reconciliation.


TAGS: adoption, family, memoir, reconciliation

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Film Information

Finding Christa

Premiere Date: June 29, 1992

Filmmakers: Camille Billops, James Hatch


Camille Billops
Camille Billops
James Hatch
James Hatch

Critical Acclaim

Loaded with real-life family drama... a brave film {which} raises questions, opens closets, and takes the viewer through the filmmaker's unchangeable past.”

— Donald Taylor,
East Bay Guardian (San Francisco)

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