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PBS Premiere: November 15, 1989


Girltalk is Kate Davis' heartbreaking yet hopeful portrait of three runaway girls with histories of abuse and neglect. The juvenile courts are after Pinky, a Puerto Rican girl who refuses to go to school. Mars, on the streets since age 13, now works as a stripper. Martha, who has lived in a dozen foster homes, now confronts teenage motherhood. Music, humor, and intimate conversations play against the disturbing reality of these girls' lives.


TAGS: girls, juvenile courts, music, puerto rico, teenagers, youth

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Film Information


Premiere Date: November 15, 1989

Filmmaker: Kate Davis


Kate Davis
Kate Davis

Critical Acclaim

Like a great, sad, bittersweet three-line blues verse, Girltalk's three-section saga takes the viewer on a darkly lyrical journey through the lives of troubled teenage girls, while singing out for love.”

— Gerald Peary
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