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In The Realms of the Unreal

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PBS Premiere: August 2, 2005


Reclusive janitor by day, visionary artist by night, outsider artist Henry Darger moved through life virtually unnoticed. But after his death, a treasure trove was discovered in his one-room Chicago apartment: a staggering 15,000-page novel and hundreds of illustrations that continue to inspire artists around the world. With dreamlike animation, poignant narration by Dakota Fanning and a haunting musical score, Academy Award winner Jessica Yu fashions a bold and beautiful film. In the Realms of the Unreal immerses us in Darger's startling universe of innocence and pain, showing how he forged magic out of the bleakest of lives. A co-presentation with the Independent Television Service (ITVS).

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TAGS: animation, folk art, henry darger, outsider art

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Film Information

In The Realms of the Unreal (90 min.)

Premiere Date: August 2, 2005

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Filmmaker: Jessica Yu | Interview | Statement

Press: Press Release | Critical Acclaim | Emmy Nomination


Jessica Yu
Jessica Yu

Film Update

Critical Acclaim

Jessica Yu's elegant new doc In the Realms of the Unreal is a spry, creative response to [Darger's] oceanic talent and claustrophobic life.”

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