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Jesse's Gone

PBS Premiere: June 24, 1997


America is a dangerous place for young black men. With excruciating tenderness, filmmaker Michael Smith breathes life into the headlines and homicide statistics to capture stirring echoes of memory and loss. This hauntingly rhythmic piece presents an incisive view of the frayed lives left behind after the death of Jesse Hall, a young hip-hop artist from Oakland whose voice could not be silenced by the snap of a clip and a pull on the trigger.

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TAGS: african american, black, community, death, gangs, murder, music, neighborhood, teenagers, violence, youth

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Film Information

Jesse's Gone

Premiere Date: June 24, 1997

Filmmaker: Michael Smith Bio


Michael Smith
Michael Smith

Critical Acclaim

... this much unchecked honesty and anger cuts to the core of too many uncomfortable realities... ”

San Francisco Bay Guardian

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