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Kings of Pastry

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Encore Broadcast Date: September 13, 2012

PBS Premiere: June 21, 2011


When Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker, award-winning filmmakers of The War Room, and Don't Look Back, turn their sights on the competition for the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, the country’s Nobel Prize for pastry, you’re in for a treat. In Kings of Pastry, 16 chefs, including Jacquy Pfeiffer, co-founder of Chicago’s French Pastry School, whip up the most gorgeous, delectable, gravity-defying concoctions and edge-of-your-seat drama as they deliver their spun-sugar desserts to the display table. The inevitable disasters and successes prove both poignant and hilarious. An Official Selection of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. (90 minutes)

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TAGS: chocolate, competition, cooking, dessert, france, meilleurs ouvriers de france, mof, pastry

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Film Information

Kings of Pastry (90 min.)

Premiere Date: June 21, 2011

Encore Broadcast Date: Sept. 13, 2012

Streaming Dates: Expired

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Filmmakers: Chris Hegedus, D A Pennebaker Bio | Interview | Statement

Press: Press Release | Critical Acclaim


Chris Hegedus
Chris Hegedus
D A Pennebaker
D A Pennebaker

It's not about doing the best you can do, but the best that can be done.”

— Jacquy Pfeiffer, Pastry Chef


Film Update

Critical Acclaim

Forget Masterchef. This is the culinary Hurt Locker.”

— Damien Love,
Herald Scotland

I never saw so many strong men sobbing at once.”

— Nancy Banks-Smith,
Guardian UK

Spellbinding brilliance, high drama and humor!”

— Monica Eng,
Chicago Tribune

Gripping, even for non-foodies. It’s not revealing too much to say that a disaster precipitates some of the pic’s most affecting moments.”

— Alissa Simon,


— Ruth Reichl

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