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Knocking on Armageddon's Door

PBS Premiere: July 19, 1988


Half comedy, half horror story, this disturbing film focuses on several spokesmen for America's survivalist movement as they reveal the way they think, the way they play, and the way they prepare for the next world war.


TAGS: survivalists, war

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Film Information

Knocking on Armageddon's Door

Premiere Date: July 19, 1988

Filmmaker: Torv Carlsen and John Magnus


Torv Carlsen and John Magnus
Torv Carlsen and John Magnus

Critical Acclaim

Marked by a deadpan quickness in editing and an interviewing technique that allows its subjects exactly enough rope, Armageddon's Door is by turns funny, chilling and haunting.”

Sheila Benson
Los Angeles Times

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