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Leona's Sister Gerri

PBS Premiere: June 1, 1995


Millions have seen the photograph, and no one who has seen it will ever forget it. A naked woman, dead from a botched illegal abortion, lying on a motel room floor. The picture appeared in Ms. magazine in April 1973, and quickly became a symbol for the abortion rights movement. Leona's Sister Gerri tells the dramatic story of Gerri Santoro, a mother of two and the "real person" in the now famous photo. Should the media have used this image? What circumstances led to Gerri's tragic death? Powerfully addressing issues of reproductive rights and domestic violence, this video is a moving portrait of Gerri Santoro's life and society's response to her death.


TAGS: abortion, domestic violence, evidence, media, photographs, reproductive rights

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Film Information

Leona's Sister Gerri

Premiere Date: June 1, 1995

Filmmaker: Jane Gillooly


Jane Gillooly
Jane Gillooly

Critical Acclaim

A thoughtful, dignified and intensely moving documentary.”

The Nation

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