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Living With AIDS

PBS Premiere: July 19, 1988


If Armageddon's Door is about the explosion of community, Living with AIDS is just the opposite. It's a graceful, moving film about a community that provides both compassion and care to someone with a debilitating disease, in this case a courageous 22-year-old man with AIDS.

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TAGS: aids, community, health, hiv, illness

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Film Information

Living With AIDS

Premiere Date: July 19, 1988

Filmmaker: Tina DiFeliciantonio


Tina DiFeliciantonio
Tina DiFeliciantonio

Critical Acclaim

Concern over AIDS has produced a crop of films, not to speak of television programmes, but none of them so far matches the power of Living with AIDS.”

— David Robinson
The Times (London)

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