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Lost Angeles

PBS Premiere: September 24, 1989


A uniquely powerful and intimate look at the lives and struggles of a group of homeless people who've been moved into an "urban campground" in Los Angeles. Made by Tom Seidman with the help of a crew that included camp "residents," Lost Angeles graphically and unsentimentally portrays the complicated realities of life on the streets.


TAGS: homeless, los angeles, poverty, streets

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Film Information

Lost Angeles

Premiere Date: September 24, 1989

Filmmaker: Tom Seidman


Tom Seidman
Tom Seidman

Critical Acclaim

Extraordinarily honest, a raw look at a real problem unvarnished by any wishful thinking or a need for a happy ending. Watching it gives us a jolt and maybe that's what we need.”

— David Gritten
Los Angeles Herald Examiner

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