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Louisiana Boys: Raised on Politics

PBS Premiere: August 31, 1992


In Louisiana, Mardi gras and elections run neck and neck as the number one pastime. Here is a cast of characters only Louisiana could produce: Huey P. Long, his excellency, the dictator of Louisiana; Uncle Earl K. Long, committed to an asylum while he was still governor; and Jimmie Davis singing his farewell speech to the state legislature. A romp through the high jinx and low morals of Bayou State politics.


TAGS: campaign, david duke, election, government, new orleans, politicking, politics, racism, state senate

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Film Information

Louisiana Boys

Premiere Date: August 31, 1992

Filmmakers: Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker, Paul Stekler


Louis Alvarez
Louis Alvarez
Andrew Kolker
Andrew Kolker
Paul Stekler
Paul Stekler

Critical Acclaim

Delightfully irreverent.”

— John Hill,
Monroe, LA News Star

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