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Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision

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PBS Premiere: November 27, 1996


The Vietnam War Memorial was one of the most controversial monuments of its time. Thrust in to the eye of the storm was architect-sculptor Maya Lin, whose design for the memorial was chosen when she was a 21-year-old college student. Withstanding bitter attacks, she held her ground with clarity and grace.

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TAGS: artists, arts, civil rights, death, loss, memory, resolution, sculpture, vietnam, war, women

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Film Information

Maya Lin

Premiere Date: November 27, 1996

Photos: Download Here

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Filmmaker: Freida Lee Mock Bio

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Freida Lee Mock
Freida Lee Mock

Critical Acclaim

It brought tears to my eyes . . . I can't wait to show it to my daughters. Maya Lin will be a role model for them. She is a great artist and this film captures her talent and her courage.”

— Siskel and Ebert

It begins stunningly as it recounts the controversy over Lin's superb Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington.”


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