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Partisans Of Vilna

PBS Premiere: August 27, 1989


This riveting film recounts the untold story of a handful of Jewish youth who organized an underground resistance against the Nazis in the Lithuanian ghetto of Vilna.


TAGS: eastern europe, jewish, lithuania, nazi, resistance, world war II, youth

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Film Information

Partisans Of Vilna

Premiere Date: August 27, 1989

Filmmaker: Aviva Kempner


Aviva Kempner
Aviva Kempner

Critical Acclaim

A kaleidoscopic picture of idealism, heroism and ingenuity, but also of dilemma, betrayal and loss.”

— Annette Insdorf
New York Times

Here is a great subject: rich, poignant, terrifying and even occasionally ennobling, filled at its best with the pitch darkness and blazing light of life's most annihilating moments.”

— Michael Wilmington
Los Angeles Times

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