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Passin' It On

PBS Premiere: June 19, 1994


Filmmakers Peter Miller and John Valadez bring a bold new perspective to an important, though rarely visited, aspect of the civil rights movement: the Black Panther Party. Told from the point of view of Dhoruba Bin Wahad, an eloquent party leader who served 19 years in prison before his conviction was overturned, this film offers insight into the political debates surrounding contemporary race relations.


TAGS: african american, black panthers, dhoruba bin wahad, race

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Film Information

Passin' It On

Premiere Date: June 19, 1994

Filmmakers: Peter Miller, John Valadez


Peter Miller
Peter Miller
John Valadez
John Valadez

Critical Acclaim

A visually compelling film that speaks of a movement, not only a man.”

National Public Radio

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