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Patti Smith: Dream of Life

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Encore Broadcast Date: March 9, 2012

PBS Premiere: December 30, 2009


Shot over 11 years by renowned fashion photographer Steven Sebring, Patti Smith: Dream of Life is an intimate portrait of the legendary rocker, poet and artist. Following Smith's personal reflections over a decade, the film explores her many art forms and the friends and poets who inspired her — William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, Robert Mapplethorpe and Michael Stipe. She emerges as a crucial, contemporary link between the Beats, punks and today's music. Shot in lush, dark tones, featuring rare performance clips and narrated by the artist herself, Patti Smith: Dream of Life is an impressionistic journal of a multi-faceted artist that underscores her unique place in American culture. Winner of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival Excellence in Cinematography Award: Documentary. A production of Clean Socks and THIRTEEN. Produced by Steven Sebring, Margaret Smilow and Scott Vogel.

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TAGS: american history, artists, arts, music, new york city, poetry, punk music

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Film Information

Patti Smith: Dream of Life (120 min.)

Premiere Date: December 30, 2009

Encore Broadcast Date: March 9, 2012

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Filmmaker: Steven Sebring Bio | Interview | Statement

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Steven Sebring
Steven Sebring

I wanted to remember the original energy; strip away all the glamour and limousines and tons of drugs. I wanted to get back to the revolutionary ideas, merging poetry and rhythm and rock and roll.”

— Patti Smith,
Filter magazine
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Film Update

Critical Acclaim

An act of rapturous devotion...joyous, elegiac, warm and vibrantly present.”

New York Times

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