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Rate It X

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PBS Premiere: July 26, 1988


Rate It X is a bitingly funny and disarming journey through the landscape of American sexism. Men only are interviewed by the two filmmakers in a witty montage of free-wheeling encounters. Pornographers, corporate executives, a funeral parlor director and Santa Claus are among those who reveal more than they intended. A surprisingly candid view of men's feelings towards women 15 years after the birth of the women's movement.


TAGS: men, sexism, women

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Film Information

Rate It X

Premiere Date: July 26, 1988

Trailer: Link | Embed

Filmmaker: Lucy Winer and Paula de Koenigsberg


Lucy Winer and Paula de Koenigsberg
Lucy Winer and Paula de Koenigsberg

Film Update

Critical Acclaim

Extremely funny and bone chilling.”

— Carrie Rickey
The Philadelphia Inquirer

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