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State of Denial

PBS Premiere: September 16, 2003


State of Denial reveals the human experience behind one of the world's greatest tragedies — the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. With five million people infected and nearly 2,000 new infections occurring daily, South Africa has the highest number of people living with HIV in the world. The film takes viewers into the lives of six people struggling to survive with HIV in the face of social stigma, a severe lack of access to lifesaving treatments, and their president Thabo Mbeki's controversial stance on the connection between HIV and AIDS. A film of quiet outrage, State of Denial weaves the personal with the political in an uplifting portrait of ordinary people struggling to survive.

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TAGS: aids, hiv, south africa

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Film Information

State of Denial (54 min.)

Premiere Date: September 16, 2003

Filmmaker: Elaine Epstein Bio | Interview | Statement


Elaine Epstein
Elaine Epstein

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