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The Women Outside

PBS Premiere: July 16, 1996


J.T. Orinne Takagi and Hye Jung Park take us on a provocative and emotional journey into the lives of women who work in the brothels, bars and nightclubs around U.S. military bases in South Korea. Personal testaments to endurance, strength and resilience, these stories raise questions about military policy, economic survival and the role of women in global geopolitics.

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TAGS: brothels, comfort women, military, nightclubs, south korea

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Film Information

The Women Outside

Premiere Date: July 16, 1996

Filmmakers: J.T.Orinne Takagi, Hye Jung Park Bio


J.T.Orinne Takagi
J.T.Orinne Takagi
Hye Jung Park
Hye Jung Park

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