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POV Season 33
Trailer | 07/27/2020 | 3 Mins

A political firebrand in her home country, Israeli defense attorney Lea Tsemel is known by her opponents as “the devil’s advocate” for her decades-long defense of Palestinians who have been accused of resisting the occupation, both violently and nonviolently. Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival. Shortlisted for Best Documentary Feature for the 92nd Academy Awards.

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Film Credits —

  • Philippe Bellaïche
  • Rachel Leah Jones

Critical Acclaim —

“[A]n in-the-trenches portrait of this unapologetic firebrand... A remarkable character. A warrior for justice who’s spent her entire adult life taking punch after punch, she forever gets up undaunted to fight another day.”

— Lauren Wissot, Filmmaker Magazine