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West 47th Street

PBS Premiere: August 19, 2003


Mental illness is a topic rife with stereotypes and misunderstanding. Made with depth and compassion, West 47th Street is an intimate cinéma vérité portrait of four people struggling to recover from serious mental illness. They've all come to Fountain House, a renowned rehabilitation center in New York City's Hell's Kitchen. Over three years, the film follows its subjects as they deal with drug regimens, health issues, group homes and work programs with courage and humor. Epic in scope, West 47th Street offers an unprecedented window onto the lives of people who are often feared and ignored, but seldom understood. An Active Voice Selection and a PBS Program Club Selection.

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TAGS: depression, mental illness, new york, schizophrenia

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Film Information

West 47th Street (83 min.)

Premiere Date: August 19, 2003

Filmmakers: Bill Lichtenstein, June Peoples Bio | Interview | Statement


Bill Lichtenstein
Bill Lichtenstein
June Peoples
June Peoples

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