Rick Green


From 1989 to 1994 Rick was writer/host of Prisoners of Gravity, TVOntario's cutting-edge book show that explored alternative and underground literature - specifically science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comics. From a television satellite high in orbit over North America "Commander Rick" and his trusty Nan-Cy interviewed 650 authors, filmmakers, animators, comic book legends, and futurists. During these 139 "pirate broadcasts" Commander Rick delved into exotic and outrageous visions of topics like racism, sexism, violence, time travel, aliens and genetic engineering. When Scully and Mulder say, "The truth is out there" they were referring to Commander Rick. Now Canada's new Science Fiction channel "SPACE" has picked up 100 episodes of Prisoners of Gravity and is exploring the possibility of coaxing Commander Rick to take to the airwaves again. Keep watching the skies!

Rick is developing a satirical series for the new History Channel that asks, "What if television had been around for the past 4,000 years?" What would it have been like to go channel surfing in Ancient Greece, Victorian England, or Renaissance Italy? S & S Productions Inc. are executive producers of the series.

Among other projects that are in various stages of development, Rick is working with Red Green Show costar Ian Thomas (Dougie Franklin) on a screenplay about a pair of bumbling cantankerous Scottish detectives. The film will star Ian and his brother Dave Thomas (Grace Under Fire, SCTV).


The Frantics were a Toronto based comedy troupe. We wrote and performed all our own material.

Frantic projects included...

"Four On The Floor" TV series, 1985-86. Retitled "The Frantics" Showtime Network (USA), CBC (Canada), Channel 4 (Britain).

"Frantic Times" 1979-1985, CBC radio network. 120 Episodes. Nominated for 7 ACTRA Awards.

"The Frantics Look At History" 1987 radio series, CBC Radio Network. 13 Episodes. Winner ACTRA Awards for "Best Performer Entertainment Feature" & "Best Writer, Entertainment Feature".

Seven stage productions. 1980-87. Including "The Frantics Strike Back," "Ideas That Come to You in the Middle of the Night..." & "The Frantics Walk Upright."

Bill "Just For Laughs" Montreal Comedy Festival - 1987, TV specials Showtime Network (USA), CBC (Canada), Channel 4 (Britain).

Two comedy albums, "The Frantics" -1984, "Boot to the Head" - 1987. Both albums are played regularly on Doctor Demento show.

The Frantics performed live at many universities and comedy clubs in Canada, the Comedy Store in L.A. We appeared at countless benefits, conventions, awards shows, etc.

PERSONAL DATA - Richard Llewellyn Green.

Ht. - 5' 8" Wt. - 155 lb. Hair - Salt & Pepper

Born - 1953 Married, 2 kids, real cute

Education - B.Sc. in Physics, University, Waterloo, 1995.

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