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Resources Image Want to learn more about the International Space Station? Point your mouse to the links below for comprehensive web sites about the Station and space exploration in general.

Other International Space Station Sites

These sites offer information on all aspects of the Space Station from robotics to launch schedules.

NASA's International Space Station: The official NASA web site for the International Space Station. Site includes technical information and real-time data.

Boeing: Boeing, NASA's prime contractor, offers in-depth Space Station data.

International Space Station Visibility Data: Another NASA web site devoted to the construction and launching of the International Space Station. Offers an interesting "Did You Know" section.

CNN: A highly interactive site, sponsored by CNN, featuring live webcam shots of current NASA projects.

The International Space Agencies

Each participating country involved in the creation of the Space Station plays a special role. Spend some time on the official web sites of the following Space Agencies to gain insight into the vital tasks of each organization.

European Space Agency: Find out about the role of European countries in the construction of the International Space Station

Russian Space Agency: A key player in the creation of the Space Station, this site contains information about the Russian space program.

Canadian Space Agency: The official site of the Canadian space program.

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Virtual Space

Take a virtual trip into space or view pictures of the moon. These sites offer an exciting look into the wide world of space exploration.

National Space Science Data Center: This easy-to-navigate site offers information on NASA's lunar and planetary exploration programs.

NASA Photo Gallery: Amazing photos from NASA's space explorations.

Space Shuttle Launch Schedule: Information and links about all upcoming space launches.

NASA TV: Live video streams of current NASA missions.

Astronomy Now: Find out about the search for alien civilization. This site also offers fascinating archive photos of the moon's surface.

National Geographic: Explore the wonders of space flight without leaving your chair.

Space Future: Find out about the day when a trip to space will be as easy as purchasing a plane ticket.

National Space Society: An organization devoted to humans living and working in thriving communities beyond Earth.

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For Educators

Are you an educator who wants to bring space into the classroom? Listed below are useful web sites for creating out-of-this-world lesson plans related to space.

The Nine Planets & Views of the Solar System: Everything a teacher needs to create a space-related curriculum.

NASA Educator Program: Provides all sorts of answers about NASA and space in general. A great basic introduction for teachers who want to include space exploration in their lesson plans.

Space Day: For grades 4 to 6, newest information about Space Day 2000, exciting classroom challenges and links to over 50 Space Day educational organizations.

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space: Get your class involved in this network of students interested in space exploration and new developments in the field.

United States Space Foundation: This non-profit organization addresses the educational needs of grades K through 12 concerning space, through several training programs for teachers. Site offers instructional materials on aeronautics and aerospace.

Spacewatch: Students and teachers interact live with astronauts and other space crew.

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Other Space-related PBS Sites

Listed below are several PBS web sites devoted to space. Click here for program information, educator guides and links to other related sites.

Mysteries of Deep Space

NOVA Hunt for Alien Worlds

NOVA "Terror in Space"

NOVA "To the Moon"

Voyage to the Milky Way

Stephen Hawkings Universe

John Glenn, American Hero

Scientific American Frontiers "Journey to Mars"

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