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Space Station
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Series PhotographAt 131 feet high, 290 feet wide and 356 feet long, the International Space Station will be the largest man-made object in space. But what's involved in this mammoth building project far above Earth? And, what does it take to create an environment in which humans can live in outer space? Check out the links below to find the answers and learn more about this exciting new era in space exploration


Interactive Assembly Tour
Launch & Maintenance Interactive Information

(ineractive information provided courtesy of NASA)

  What is the International Space Station?
  Fact Sheet
  What is the purpose of the Space Station?
  Scientific Research
  Who are the international partners?
  Russian Space History
  What are the different components of the Space Station?
  Space Walks
  Who will man the International Space Station?
  Living in Space
  Astronaut Training


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