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A strange set of mysteries is unfolding across the planet. Bushmeat hunting is on the rise in Ghana while further down the coast in Namibia, putrid fumes explode from the ocean depths poisoning the water. Meanwhile, space-age aquapods float off Puerto Rico and in eastern Canada migratory fish are making new homes in kelp and mussel farms. What’s behind these odd events? Does a common culprit exist? Find out more below:


Far-reaching Effects of Overfishing
Deep in the wilds of Ghana’s Mole National Park, the watering hole is eerily quiet. Most of the large predators and their prey have vanished. For many local children, it's been another day spent out of school, staving off raids from growing numbers of aggressive baboons.
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Stench events
Every so often, off Africa’s remote Namibian coast, the ocean blanches white, releases a putrid stench of rotting eggs and coughs up multitudes of dying fish up and down the shoreline. What’s behind this strange case of oceanic indigestion?
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Farmed and Dangerous?
Next time you head to your friendly supermarket, stop by the seafood section. Much of what you see on the crushed ice came not from the ocean wilderness but from a farm. With wild fish stocks declining, the world’s population and demand for global seafood soaring, the requests for farmed fish are skyrocketing.
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