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James A. Ogwang, PhD
Biocontrol Entomologist

James A. Ogwang is a Ugandan entomologist working with the National Agricultural Research Organization – Uganda. He was trained at Makerere University (Uganda), University of London (England) and Rivers State University (Nigeria). Dr. Ogwang also attended professional training at the Agricultural University, Wageningen (The Netherlands), University of Queensland (Australia) and had a brief stint at the University of Florida–Gainesville (USA).

Dr. Ogwang has worked in the field of biological control for the last 15 years. He has published scientific papers and co-authored chapters in two books in various topics in biocontrol of cassava, citrus, cabbage pests and water hyacinth. He developed keen interest in the use of natural enemies while growing up in his rural village where farmers would conserve and use a predatory hymenoptera ant (Lepisiota sp.) to control cotton bollworms. To date this technology has been adopted in the production of organic cotton in Uganda.

Relevant Publications

Ogwang, J.A. and Molo, R. (2003). Water hyacinth, Eichhornia crassipes: A case of successful Biological Control in Lakes Kyoga and Victoria - Uganda. Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 8, 245-252.

Ogwang, J.A. and Molo, R. (in press). Threat of water hyacinth resurgence after a successful biocontrol program. Biocontrol Science and Technology Journal.

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