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National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth
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border Strange Days on Planet Earth scoured the world to find the top stories featuring some of the planet's finest researchers — from the polar wilds of the Yukon and the steamy Amazon jungles, to the urban landscapes of Earth's booming metropolises and our own backyards. Join investigators in the trenches and find out more about their work.
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Dig deeper into the topics from the "Invaders" episode of National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth. Meet the scientific detectives working on these gripping issues and learn about how they became interested in their line of work and what their hopes and fears are for the future.

Carlton searching for aquatic invaders

Aquatic Invaders
On the New England coast and in San Francisco Bay, marine ecologist Jim Carlton is tracking the rising rate of destructive aquatic species...
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Riegel finds termites at a bait station

Termites Invade New Orleans
People in New Orleans can no longer trust the floor beneath their feet. Harmful invasive species are spreading through the southern United States, destroying property in their path. According to Claudia Riegel and her colleagues, these voracious insect interlopers likely began their journey half a world away on the heels of World War II...
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Water hyacinth in Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria's Water Hyacinth Problem
No one's sure how the South American water hyacinth invaded Africa's Lake Victoria but there's little doubt as to the damages it has caused. In 1989, the weed was spotted in the lake and seven years later it had clogged 80% of the Uganda shoreline...
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Greg Asner checks Miconia leaves

Miconia Invasion of Hawai'i
David Duffy is tracking an invader, a menacing plant from Mexico that threatens to send Hawai'i's soil crashing into the sea. Meanwhile, ecologist Greg Asner is trying to find ways to identify this harmful invasive species from aerial images...
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Invading rats have influenced many extinctions

Invaders and Extinction
In the US, invasive species are already the most common reason for listing an organism as officially protected under the US Endangered Species Act: between 35-43% of all listed organisms are under pressure from invasives...
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