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border WHY SHOULD I CARE? Edward Norton
border According to scientists, invasive species are a big problem, something we should all be concerned about. Chances are that these harmful invaders surround us all. But if that's the case, you might be asking yourself, "Why haven't I felt any impact from these organisms? I don't think they've affected my life." Or have they? See five ways invaders may already be infiltrating your neighborhood, then continue on to discover why others care.
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5 Reasons Why You Should Care

Zebra Mussels
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Zebra Mussels
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Rising Utility Costs
Maybe you haven't felt the pinch yet, but harmful invasive species can definitely make a dent in your wallet. Zebra mussels, which probably invaded the United States from the ballast water of cargo ships, are spreading throughout the country. These mussels can clog water treatment pipes, interfere with power plants and strip vital food away from other freshwater organisms. Zebra mussels have cost citizens like you many millions of dollars.

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