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The Blues™ is a presentation of:

Vulcan Productions
Vulcan Productions is the independent film production company founded by investor and philanthropist Paul G. Allen in 1997. Vulcan Productions originates, develops, produces and finances creative and artistically driven motion pictures and documentaries. Recent motion pictures include the critically-acclaimed Far From Heaven, directed by Todd Haynes and starring Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid; The Safety of Objects, directed by Rose Troche and starring Glenn Close and Dermot Mulroney; and Coastlines, directed by Victor Nunez. Previous motion pictures include Titus, directed by Julie Taymor and starring Jessica Lange and Anthony Hopkins; The Luzhin Defence, directed by Marleen Gorris; and Men with Guns, directed by John Sayles. Documentaries include the critically-acclaimed, award-winning PBS series Evolution, which premiered in September 2001, Michael Apted's Inspirations and the award-winning Me & Isaac Newton, and Cracking the Code of Life, a WGBH/NOVA Science Unit special on the human genome that aired in April 2001. Visit Vulcan Productions on the Web at: http://www.vulcanproductions.com.

Road Movies
Road Movies specializes in the development, production, and distribution of feature films, documentaries, music clips, commercials, and film music. Founded in 1976 by Wim Wenders and joined in 1986 by producer Ulrich Felsberg, Road Movies Group has produced over 80 films and won over 20 German film prizes and numerous international trophies, including: the Golden Palm for Paris, Texas in Cannes; the Golden Lion for The State of Things in Venice; an Academy Award nomination for Ulrich Felsberg for Buena Vista Social Club; the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival for Bend It Like Beckham; and the FIPRESCI Critics Award at the 2002 European Film Awards in Rome and the Award for Best Screenplay at the 2002 CANNES Festival for Sweet Sixteen. Current projects include Ten Minutes Older , consisting of two features by 15 prominent directors about the subject of time. For more information visit http://www.road-movies.de.

Jigsaw Productions
An Emmy Award-winning production company headed by writer/director/producer Alex Gibney, Jigsaw Productions recent credits include: The Trials of Henry Kissinger (First Run Features), produced and written by Gibney. Gibney also served as the Executive Producer on Brooklyn Babylon, a feature film by Marc Levin featuring MCA¹s Grammy Award-winning, hip-hop group OEThe Roots¹; and The Huntress, a movie (and a weekly TV series) for the USA Network. Gibney also produced Speak Truth to Power, a special on human rights including performances by Alec Baldwin, Kevin Kline, John Malkovich, Sigourney Weaver and Alfre Woodard; and served as senior producer on HBO¹s Soldiers in the Army of God about the radical fringe of the anti-abortion movement. In 2000 Jigsaw also produced the Sexual Century a six-part series for ITV and the CBC; The Fifties, an eight-hour mini-series based on the best-selling book by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Halberstam; The Pacific Century, a 10-part series about the rise of modern Asia that received the duPont Columbia Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism; and Battle For Eastern Airlines, for the PBS series FRONTLINE. For more information visit http://www.jigsawprods.com.

Cappa Productions
Cappa Productions is Martin Scorsese's production company which has produced Scorsese's feature films and documentary projects for over 15 years.


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