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2006 Mid-Term Elections: The GOP on the Ropes?

Here are some previous Think Tank programs that may be of interest.

Primary Pandemonium  (aired 9/25/2003)
Every four years, Republicans and Democrats each choose one person to run for President of the United States. A series of primaries and caucuses winnows down an often-crowded field of candidates to determine the nominee. It is a chaotic and mystifying process at best. Does the system help pick the best candidate? Do a couple of small states ultimately determine who gets to run for president? Is there a way to reform the primary process?

Picking A President  (aired 1/20/2000)
Think Tank examines our presidential nominating system. Only a few days before the Iowa caucuses, all eyes are on the White House 2000 horse race. But how does a candidate win his party’s nomination? What are the rules behind the political game, and how have those rules changed over the years?

The Candidates’ Think Tanks  (aired 11/18/1999)
Think Tank takes an in-depth look at the minds behind Campaign 2000. Who are the chief policy advisers for Al Gore, George W. Bush, Bill Bradley, and John McCain? What are those advisers saying, and how are they shaping each candidate’s campaign?

Are Dollars Despoiling Democracy?  (aired 9/23/1999)
Think Tank takes a look at our campaign finance system. Still more than a year away, the 2000 elections promise to be America’s most costly. Republican frontrunner George W. Bush has already raised $50 million. And while many claim there is too much money in politics, some say current contribution limits keep worthy but lesser known candidates from raising the money needed to win. Whether you think the problem is too much money or not enough, everyone seems to agree that campaign finance reform is a must.

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