This is a Game Ladies
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Women, Sports, America
Women are changing the look of sports, the perception of strength and what it means to be an athlete — a woman, an athlete and taller than most of the boys.

This is a game ladies is about 13 women, the Scarlet Knights, pioneers in the world of sport. These Scarlet Knights are also college students with the exhilarating and painful issues all young women have: an emerging sexuality, a future role in society, racial identity and their relationship to their own family.

This is a game ladies is also about their coach C. Vivian Stringer…

Through Coach Stringer we witness true leadership. And motherhood — for Coach is a widowed mother to her own three children — one of them disabled — as well as to thirteen women under the age of twenty-one!

Soft-spoken (except when the Scarlet Knights lose) and diminutive in size, Stringer is an iconic giant whose driving ambition is renowned throughout the world of sport and beyond. For over 30 years she steadily climbed her way to the top, relying on an inner strength and faith, borne of personal tragedy.

This is a game ladies is a film about a team and a leader, and how the experiences of athletic gift shape a lifetime. It is a film about basketball. And a film about life.



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