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The Filming
About Partisan/Bios
To the Final Four and Beyond
PARTISAN PICTURES was there — on the court, in the locker room, at church, in the classroom, at the hairdressers, in the dorm, and home for Christmas. We followed the season-changing injuries, the personal animosities and the academic pressures.

We went behind the scenes with these truly All-American girls — from small southern towns and tough inner cities — to discover how a female basketball player lives outside the realm of a normal college student— where far more time is spent in the weight room getting buff than dating or partying.

In the 2000/2001 season, the Scarlet Knights embraced three elite freshmen recruits — Dawn, Mandakova and Nikki — all whip-fast and under six-feet; mischievous, ambitious, and giggly. PARTISAN PICTURES followed these rookies through their challenging and grueling first year. Would they fit in; could they tolerate the homesickness, the lacerating regime?

Contrasting these new recruits were the team’s “elders” and potential WNBA draft choices: captain Tasha Pointer — 5 feet 6 inches worth of cool and collected wisdom and defensive firepower; Tammy Sutton-Brown — an Olympian and future WNBA star just discovering her own strengths; Linda Miles — the unpredictable and temperamental show-off; and the wild card — Christina Fowler — a devout Christian and daughter of a pastor — she's an honor student and the team's best outside shooter.

We followed them all on their dream-road to the Final Four, the Pros and beyond.





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