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Growth and setbacks
No athlete rests who wants to grow, even in summer. Committed players go looking for more games, in the biggest arenas they can find. For the players in Coach Stringer’s program, that can mean national level teams, even the Olympics.

Coach Stringer and her staff continue their work during the summer by hosting a basketball camp at Rutgers, developing talent for the years ahead. The search for replacements on college teams is a constant. Seniors graduate, and a new crop must learn to take their place.

Off-court that summer, things happened to make one crave the on-court pressure for its purity. Tasha Pointer, one of the Scarlet Knights’ top-ranked players, was seriously injured in an act of senseless violence. And Coach Stringer and her family found themselves faced with yet another of the sort of wrenching challenges that had become all-too-familiar to them.

Key events: Between the seasons
May 2000: Key Players Graduate
The Scarlet Knights must replace lead scorer and rebounder Shawnetta Stuart, and sixth woman Usha Gilmore. More than half the team for the 00-01 season will be first-year players, freshmen or transfers.

Summer Team Experience
Dana Boonen trains at home with the Belgium national team. Davalyn Cunningham tours with the Big East All-Stars.

July 11: Tasha Pointer Shot in Eye
The team’s top-ranked point guard Tasha Pointer is shot in the eye with a BB a block and a half from home in West Chicago, while returning from a game.

September 2: Stringer’s Son Injured
Coach Stringer’s son Justin, age 16, suffers a brain injury in a car accident. He must spend months in recovery. His long-term prospects are unknown.

September at the Olympics
Starter Tammy Sutton-Brown competes with the Canadian team, and newcomer Fatime Ndiaye, with her home country Senegal.





Tasha Pointer demos her skills and reflects

Tasha Pointer demos her skills and reflects
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“Rutgers’ Pointer keeps it real”
by Jess Strelitz 2/28/01 Profile of Pointer recounts shooting
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“Stringer’s priorities changed after latest family tragedy” by Greg Tufaro Home News Tribune 10/19/00 Account of accident and its consequences
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