Here’s what they’re saying about TO OUR CREDIT:


"… this uplifting documentary is worlds away from the bottomless foreign-aid money pit…it shows how in the past decade lenders have provided small loans to help millions of poor women (and some men) start and expand their own businesses."

The Wall Street Journal
September 3, 1998

 "TO OUR CREDIT investigates whether the microcredit concept is worth pursuing. Preliminary research, included in the program…suggests that it is, as a job-creation and a poverty-alleviation strategy."

Tribune Media Services
September 6, 1998


"TO OUR CREDIT… is a valuable resource for introducing public policy, sociology, economics and social work students to microcredit programs in the United States..."

Richard Taub
Professor of Social Sciences
University of Chicago

"…for all its educational value, TO OUR CREDIT has been produced with artistic flair, which makes the learning a pleasure."

Robert Stumberg
Professor of Law
Georgetown University Law Center

"…after the film introduced microcredit to my students, they delved into the topic with interest because they saw how it mattered to people’s lives."

John P. Caskey
Associate Professor of Economics
Swarthmore College

"TO OUR CREDIT shows how microenterprise development programs facilitate human capital development and help to level the economic playing field..."

Susan R. Jones
Professor of Clinical Law
George Washington University


"I can personally attest to the power of TO OUR CREDIT as a persuasive advocacy tool… This is the definitive documentary on one of the most significant movements of the twentieth Century."

Susan Davis
Women’s Environment and
Development Organization (WEDO)

"TO OUR CREDIT vividly conveys the transformative power of this new economic option for low-income women…"

Sara K. Gould
Ms. Foundation for Women

"TO OUR CREDIT captures the power of what’s possible when women worldwide have access to different financial resources to build their own businesses."

Barbara Ferris
International Women’s
Democracy Center


"TO OUR CREDIT sets a new standard for authenticity, artistic excellence, and technical content."

John Hatch
Foundation for International
Community Assistance (FINCA)

"TO OUR CREDIT poses a vey real challenge to orthodox ‘trickle donor’ economics and gives hope to those who want to believe in people-centered approaches to development..."

Raymond C. Offenheiser
Oxfam America

"…after watching TO OUR CREDIT, my mother now has a much better sense of what I do for a living and why I do it!"

Kate McKee
US Agency for International Development (USAID)


"TO OUR CREDIT is a moving portrayal of how microcredit programs are unleashing the human spirit and helping people work their way out of poverty with dignity."

Sam Daley-Harris
The Microcredit Summit

"We plan to use TO OUR CREDIT in venues globally, with a range of audiences: investors, bankers, policymakers and practitioners."

Peggy Clark
Economic Opportunities Program
The Aspen Institute

"TO OUR CREDIT packs a breathtaking panorama of both the global and U.S. microenterprise movements into two pithy and moving hour-long journeys."

Robert Friedman
Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED)

"TO OUR CREDIT makes visible to all who view it the brilliance of this economic innovation."

Terry Mollner
The Calvert Group

"TO OUR CREDIT offers a superb portrait of the vitally important field of microlending, and the way it builds community well-being…"

Edward C. Wolf


"TO OUR CREDIT…will add further credibility to the growing microenterprise development field in America and throughout the world…"

Tony P. Hall
Member of Congress (D)
State of Ohio

"This program…will be useful in our effort to impress upon our colleagues on Capitol Hill the inherent value of programs that work from the bottom up."

Benjamin A. Gilman
Member of Congress (R)
State of New York

"TO OUR CREDIT is a very high quality production…The social impact of credit on poverty alleviation as well as the improved standing in the family and society is very clearly."

Zanele Mbeki
Women’s Development Banking
South Africa

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