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Outreach Campaign

TO OUR CREDIT offers advocates and educators an exceptional opportunity to inform local community members about microcredit and microenterprise development. To that end, TO OUR CREDIT's staff is working with several national partners to create a nationwide outreach campaign

This campaign, while national in scope, is local in impact. TO OUR CREDIT's partners have created a menu of outreach goals, outreach strategies and outreach tools which local individuals and organizations can use to educate members of their own communities.

Possible outreach goals could be:
Educating local and state policy makers
Inspiring volunteers and community activists
Building partnerships with businesses
Promote entrepreneurship for youth programs

Outreach strategies might take the form of:
Press conferences announcing new initiatives
Screenings for church or civic groups
Breakfast briefings for community leaders
Fundraisers for local or international programs

Available outreach tools include:
Sample press releases, posters and fliers
Resource and contact lists
Educational videotapes
Viewers' guides

Working with your PBS station is very important. Program information officers at the station will appreciate your offer to help promote the broadcast. Many stations also have community outreach coordinators who will want to know of any outreach activities and might choose to participate in them. Awareness of local interest in the broadcast and support for outreach may even affect the time slot and amount of promotion TO OUR CREDIT receives.

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