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TV Credits

Produced by
Gino Del Guercio





Ira Flatow





Directed by
Gary Glassman





Written by
Gino Del Guercio and Ira Flatow

Executive Producers

For Sciencentral:
Ira Flatow
Eliene Augenbraun

Richard Hudson
Gerald Richman

Associate Producers
Amy L. Retzinger
Magan Mylan
Melanie Kron
Susan Katz

Production Assistants
Amy Dobson
Isaac Lodico
Hema Shah


David G. Bouvier

Richard O'Rourke

Elliot Cohan

Gary Henoch

Paul Horn

History and Technology Consultants

Lillian Hoddeson
Michael Riordan

Advisory Board

Kevin Aylesworth
Julia Phillips
James Trefil
Glenn Zorpette


Production Manager
Norbert Een

On Line Editor
Steven Flynn

Jim Kron

Audio Design
Mitch Griffin

Graphic Design
Denise Fick

Post Production Supervisor
Robert Sturm

Scheduling Coordinator
Ann Morris-Tucker

Legal and Business Affairs
Diane Thompson


Off Line Editor
Tom Lynn

Sean Maynard

Location Set Designer
Catha Sideman

Transistor Replica Creation
Kevin Aylesworth

Adapted from the book
Crystal Fire: The Invention of the Transistor and Birth of the Information Age by Michael Riordan and Lillian Hoddeson

Special Thanks

Alfa Aesar
Eliot Sivovitch, Smithsonian Museum
Prof. James Anderson, Brown University
Jim Bardeen
AT&T Archives
William Bardeen
American Institute of Physics
Bob Brattain
American Association of Physics Teachers
Shawn Carlson, Brown University
Kevin Coughlin, Newark Star-Ledger
Emilio Segré Visual Archives
Prof. Peder Estrup, Brown University
Fairchild Semiconductor
Michael Geselowitz, IEEE
Mike Cross, History of Electronics Museum
John Geleney
Intel Corporation
Jerry Gordon
J. F. Ptak Science Bookstore
Dr. Donald Gubser
Liberty Photo Service
Dr. Nick Holonyak, Jr.
University of Illinois
Lucent Technologies
Sheldon Hochheiser
National Film Archives
George Kaczowka
Pavek Museum of Broadcasting
Ivan and Florence Kaminow
Providence Biltmore Hotel
Bud Krueger
Snuffy's Pantagis Renaissance
Chris Langhart
Milt Margolis
Stanford University Special Collections
Ian MacIntosh
Texas Instruments
Megan Mylan
US Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
Valerie Pickering
University of Illinois Archives
Jean Ramacciott
Whitman College Archives
Stephen Segaller



Karen L. Alexander
Jodi Jean Johnson
Marisa Athos
Christopher John Kline
Marilyn Bellemore
Karl Krupp
Matthew Bloomgarden
Suzette M. Laster
Kerry A. Cassidy
Florine Le Comte
Elizabeth A. Chapralis
Rose Lynn Marino
Kevin Clancey
Jennifer Merrow
Allison M. Davenport
Kevin P. O'Brien
Jessica Davenport
Kari Ringdal
Robert Emlen
Sonia Rodrigues
Alessandro Foti
Aaron Schain
Tim Garrett
Lora L. Schwartz
Colin Gillis
Flora E. Stern
Jose Henriques
R. Michael Torrey
Meagan January
Matthew Troy
Shannon Jefferson
Carl Wolfteich



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