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Regarding multimedia content on this site:
Our dilemma was that short clips load quickly even on slow modems, but longer clips have more value. Erring on the side of providing the most valuable content, we have included some large multimedia files.

They have been optimized for a range of connection speeds. This means, for example, that if you have a T1 line you will get a better looking movie than if you have a 28.8 modem. But in any case, the clip can begin playing even before you have downloaded the whole file. This will minimize your waiting time.

We believe that the movies are well worth the wait, but...

For those who prefer not to wait, or do not have the necessary plug-ins, you may ignore the movie clips— simply read the text transcripts provided, and move on.

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Site Technical Info

This web site is designed to be friendly to most browsers.

JavaScript, Java, QuickTime and Realmedia technologies are employed to enhance the user experience and make accessing the information more entertaining and memorable.

Non-enabled browsers should experience no difficulty in accessing all the important information.
Please keep in mind that the games in the "Interactives" section require a Java enabled browser to function.

To experience all that this site has to offer you may wish to update your browser and plug-ins from the following companies.

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Real Networks' RealPlayer

This web site's Home page contains two RealPlayer movies.

Various pages within the site have QuickTime audio and video movies embedded within them. These pages will display the following icons in their left column:

You will see a controller similar to the one below:
for each movie on that page when QuickTime is functioning on your computer. You use it to start, stop, rewind, change the volume setting, etc. of these movies.

If you prefer to view the same movies using RealPlayer, click on the text link for "alternate RealPlayer movies" on that page's left-hand column.

Below is a sample QuickTime movie.

If you see a BOX below with a funny little symbol inside, which is NOT a blue "Q" like the QuickTime logo above, you do not have a current version of QuickTime installed in your computer. If you see the "Q" logo, please wait while the movie loads.

If you can play this movie (by using the controller at the bottom), you can play any QuickTime movie on this site. Thanks to "progressive downloading" you can begin playing the movie before it is completely downloaded, but note that the player might catch up to the download (and stop the movie). Don't be discouraged—it will keep downloading and you can view from the beginning.

If you see ONLY a controller with NO box above it, you have an AUDIO ONLY clip available to play.


Below are links to a sample Real movie.

If you can play this movie, you can play any RealMedia movie on this site. Beyond the home page, all movies are offered in QuickTime and RealMedia.

The RealPlayer movies will load in their own separate window and NOT within the browser page window which contains the link.

You may use the Text Link To The RealPlayer Sample Movie, or the picture below.

You may use the Site Map page for an overview of all A/V content.

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