UNNATURAL CAUSES ...is inequality making us sick?
Rebroadcast Fridays at 10PM, October 9, 16, 23, 30, 2009. Dates and times may vary. Check local listings.
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We want to hear your stories about health equity!

UNNATURAL CAUSES is about people and communities creating better chances for health and well-being by improving the social conditions—where we are born, live and work—that determine access to resources and opportunities.

Tell us about the health threats and obstacles in your community and how you are addressing them. Share tools, tips and strategies that you’ve developed. Describe public policies and social changes that are making a difference and promoting health equity. What did it take to accomplish them?

Read stories from the public about health equity:

Community Struggles – What’s going on in your neighborhood?

Work Life – What’s happening at the job?

Policies and Social Conditions – How can we address underlying issues?

Success Stories – What’s worked for you?

Tools and Resources – Share data, materials and helpful links

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